Karen’s Re-motivated to Lose Weight in 3 Easy Steps

Last August my sister and I started this blog and our podcast: #Losingitover40.  Since then my sister Annie has lost (and kept off) over 35 pounds and myself over 25.

Truth be told, we’ve lost closer to 80 pounds each if we were to count the 2-4 pounds that we keep losing and then gaining back.

Right this moment I’m in a rut.  Some people call it a Plateau, which sounds like a lovely place to be with gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, wildflowers and a gentle breeze. BUT it doesn’t feel that way. It feels STUCK.  And, in my head I’m having a “which came first” argument about my stuckness.  Was it the plateau first… or other changes in attitude and eating and then the plateau.

Am I stuck because I’m tired of winter, not particularly fond of my job and needing some adventure… it is this general dis-satisfaction?  OR…  is this lack of weight-loss truly part of the normal ebb and flow of human motivation?

I can’t tell. I can’t separate it and I’m not sure that I need to.  I believe that recognizing something should be enough to take steps to either choose to overcome or choose not to.   My track record for the last 2 months has been… the second: choosing not to.

I pat myself on the back by looking at my scale and congratulating myself only gaining the same 2-4 pounds that I keep losing, then quickly remind myself that I had already lost 27 pounds (now down to 23 pounds)

I see, very close on the horizon the 30 pound mark, only a few pounds away… even at my current point… losing a solid 30 pounds is only 7 pounds away!

Why is that sooooo difficult?

I was literally within 2 pounds of having lost 30 pounds… and now, 2 months later, I’m about 7 pounds away from 30 pounds.

And so, I’m going to go back to the beginning… tap into my original steps for weight loss and list them here.

Karen’s 3 Easy Steps to Weightloss

Step #1) The Food – This is where I started.  I already knew that not all calories are created equal, but it was in reading the book The Metabolism Plan  I learned that there are foods that I was eating (like turkey burgers) that were causing inflammation.  I wouldn’t have known it, and it makes sense that we all “react” differently to food.  Simply put, food causes chemical reactions specific foods or combinations (and even activities like types of exercise) cause inflammation. When we do things that constantly cause inflammation we have Chronic inflammation causes many problems including weight gain.  I need to revisit my journal notes on the foods to avoid and get back into the habit of tracking my reactions.

Step #2) Track Everything – I initially resisted the  Weight Watchers App, it was working for Annie and I wanted to be different.  In the beginning of this weight loss journey Annie was doing weight watchers and because I have a habit of wanting to recreate the wheel, I thought I could do it on my own with the Metabolism plan… and I was wrong. Very Wrong.   Using the weight watchers app is more then just a way to track how many points you have left, it is the easiest and simplest way to stay accountable.  I can literally measure my weight loss success based on the amount of tracking I do.  No weight loss over the last 2 months… only tracked 3 or 4 days over the last 2 months.  That my friends is a Cause and Effect.

Step #3) Accountability – When Annie and I were talking every week on our podcast I was losing weight every week.  Now, that we are letting “life” get in the way and our podcasts are more sporatic, everything is slipping.   Annie and talked about this over Easter (as we were eating deliciousness) and we’ve vowed to get back in the habit of podcasting every week. BECAUSE having a friend who is joining you on the journey is priceless.

Does that help?

To be honest?  That list is for me, like the header says: Karen’s 3 easy steps to Weightloss! HA HA HA HA HA

I went back into our podcasts  and tried to find where I was 8 months ago as opposed to where I am now.

8 months ago, I needed to lose 60 pounds, and now I need to lose 37.  Yes, That’s Awesome!  …   and when I look at that number it kind of makes me feel done.  Like WOW, that’s great, that seems finished.

BUT it’s not right?  I have 37 more pounds to go.

I’m NOT done.

I need to get back to where I was, and stop eating the things that cause inflammation (even though they taste delicious) AND I need to start tracking everything… EVERYTHING… and… sob… I need to stop blowing my sister off on the weekends and get back in to recording podcasts every Sunday.

How many people here LOVE it when Annie and I record a podcast!?!  (Mom?  are you reading this? This is your chance to comment on our blog!)

But Seriously, if you find value, encouragement, or just camaraderie in our blog and podcast we’d love to hear it!  Comment below or message us on Facebook.

AND if there’s some way we can help you achieve your weight loss goals, let us know.

If you think you know something that can help me get back on the wagon… I’m all ears!



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