My Dear Diary Discovery

The Value of a Weight Loss Journal

One of the things that I’ve noticed in my journey towards a healthier weight is that weight loss affects many aspects of my life.  For instance, I’m still a lazy cook, but I am eating better.  Simply because I have to be a little more creative about what I eat.  I can’t just add a slab of salted butter to anything and call it a dish.

I discovered it’s easier to go through this process with help. I’ve found a great companion in the weight watchers app, which in essence is a food journal.  And while there is a community on the weight watchers app… it’s not the kind of community where I thrive, so this blog… my sister… you readers… you are my community… my tribe (if you will).

It’s with this in mind, for you, me and anyone who chances across this post, that I want to talk about the value of a weight loss journal.

You see, I realized this week… that there are some foods that make me… sore.

Yes, literally.  I’ve felt the same pain over the years, but just assumed it was the aging process… and when I mentioned it during my yearly check up… I was offered a B12 shot, and told to come back if I wasn’t better.

The challenge… is that it is intermittent.

Intermittent Aches and Pains

Troubleshooting an illness or aches and pains is like troubleshooting a printer problem.  The Doctor (just like a technician) has a “check list” of things that most commonly cause the reported issue.  They start at the top of the check list and by process of elimination they are able to check off the things… that it isn’t.

We (the sufferer) go to the Doctor with the expectation that they will take a look at us, and tell us … what it is.

Sometimes it’s not that easy.  Sometimes (just like a printer problem) it’s the best guess, with the information provided at the time.  And the answer isn’t found right away.  And the answer isn’t that simple.

And it may take several visits… several small changes or tweaks to get the “printer” working properly again… And sometimes, although it works… you know in your heart, it’s not quite the same as it was. 🙂

Journaling for Health & Wellness

I had several actual specific aches and pains that were recurring but intermittent.  They have occurred since the birth of my last daughter, which is 13 years ago. And, like I said my Dr. sort of brushed it off as signs of aging and gave me B12 shots.

My goal is to age with style and grace and it’s hard to do when it’s hard to stand up straight or get a good nights sleep.  So, I started actually HAND WRITING a journal (I know… imagine that… a pad of paper and a pen)

I didn’t always write, just when I experienced something unusual, like when the pain came back or when a new ache or pain occurred.

And what I found was surprising, a relief and wonderful. 

My Dear Diary Discovery

I found that when I drink wine, I can expect to have leg cramps when I sleep.  Now, I don’t drink wine often (anymore) so I can’t tell if it’s a type of wine, or a quantity… but since I started this weight loss journey and since I starting recording everything that I eat (and drink) I noticed that I have only gotten the painful leg cramps when I’ve had wine.

I guess I’ll have to do a little more testing (wink wink)

The reason I’m writing this post today, is because I realized that all week  I have been sore.  Achy sore, my knees and back… not really hurting but achy.  Hard time going up and down the stairs, and just basically feeling old.

I went to my food diary (compliments of the weight watchers app) and sure enough… I went off the wagon and have consumed an extraordinary amount of sugar both via extra sweets and extra carbs.

Not just once… but for almost the 7 days.  I have BARELY stayed within the weekly points this week, and on the last day of last week (when my debauchery started) I actually used something like 60 points in one day.

Proving my point that we are all just a big walking talking bundle of chemical reactions.  We may all be similar, but we aren’t all alike.

Mindful Eating

I’m thankful for you and your encouragement, I’m thankful for my sister and her ongoing encouragement and her example of success.  And I’m thankful that I have choices.

Knowing how my body reacts to certain types of food is key and will help me be the best me, today.  That’s my goal.  The fact is, I will never be a super model, or famous personality, but I want to be healthy.  Not just tomorrow, not just 5 years from now… today.


Your Comments

We love your comments. It helps us know that you’re out there and you’re experiencing things too.  Let us know what you think.

We are the captains of our ships.  We can steer for nice clear warm waters… or the Antarctica… we choose.  Right now, as winter approaches… I am choosing, nice clear warm comfortable healthy waters.

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