5 Things — Lessons in Weight Loss for 2018

With 2018 in my sights, I sat down to write my top 5 weight loss lessons from 2017 so I could (hopefully) learn from the past. I was thinking the lessons would be all about food and eating. It turns out they weren’t about food at all.

Here they are:

  1. Own it. Own who and what you are. Yes, there were outside influences; but for many of us, most of who and what we are is of our own doing. Own that part.
  2. Take control (of you). Don’t seek to change others or be frustrated with them for things beyond your control. Take control of you and see how much you can get done with that. (It’s probably more than you think.)
  3. Focus inward before out. Stop judging and blaming others; and make yourself better first. Stop wasting time and energy finding fault in others; expend that energy doing something to actually be better yourself.
  4. Improve. Improve in every moment, every day, every week. Be perfect if you can. If not, just keep improving.
  5. Let it go. When you screw up, own it and then move the &*#k on. Dwelling on past mistakes only pulls you backwards and doesn’t fix them. Improve and move on. Let go.


What I initially thought were “lessons” were actually specific “actions,” e.g. always start the day with fruit and yogurt or egg whites and tomatoes. And the lessons themselves, when I dug further, were actually beliefs and behaviors. Who knew??

So, committing to wash and slice fruit or boil and peel eggs each day are the actions, but the lessons here are about taking control, owning my actions, and making real improvements each day. It seems small, but when I’m tired or busy or running late, it’s easy to let these little things slip (and get angry, blame others and not own it). Getting these little things right is the foundation of my success each day. And my success each day leads to success each week and each month.

And when I inevitably screw up, I need to own it (not blame others) then let it go. And let it go quickly. There’s absolutely nothing I can do on a Tuesday about overeating on Monday. But I CAN take control and say it won’t happen on Tuesday or the next day. I can’t say it will never happen again, but I can get back in control for the foreseeable, controllable future.

What’s not in these 5 things? A lot. There’s nothing here about helping other people, caring for others. I’ll get there.

But how can I authentically care for others when can’t care for myself? I can make sure they have clean clothes, a comfy bed, food to eat and lots of love. But I can’t look anyone in the eye and say “I care about your health,” if I haven’t first cared for my health.

So, cheers to 2018! There’s so much I tackled in 2017, and I’m ready to continue to learn and grow. It’s gonna be great.

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