Resources (Stuff We Like)

We like certain stuff (if you can’t already tell). This resource page includes the stuff Karen & Annie eat, use and talk about on the podcast and write about in our blogs.

So if you like the podcast and blog and want to check out the stuff we talk about, please visit this page. And visit again and again and again, as we’ll be adding new stuff all the time. Our aim is to provide helpful links so you can explore the stuff that we enjoy; and by using the links on this page, you can help us offset the cost of producing and distributed our stories. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

First and foremost:  We both LOVE   Both of us have “dieted” many times over the course of the last over 40  years and right now… right this moment, this is working for us!

Foods Karen likes:

Foods Annie likes:

  • Fage 2% Plain: My yogurt of choice, Fage, all the way! [related coupons]
  • Pepitas/Pumpkin Seeds: My portable snack of choice to keep me out of trouble (I just like to say “pepita,” actually, they’re quite wonderful) [related coupons]
  • Kalamata Olives: A few olives in with my egg whites is a Mediterranean delight. [related coupons]

Products we like (besides food):

  • MapMyRun: We use it to track our walks (NOT RUNS). It adds up and it’s nice to see that even once or twice a week turns into a half dozen times over the month.
  • Sweet Maria’s: As mentioned in podcast episode 7, Annie’s new hobby is roasting coffee in a popcorn popper; orders green  coffee beans from Sweet Maria’s.
  • New Balance Sneakers: Annie’s new kicks… Ahhhhh, few things feel better (and have no calories) than new sneakers.
  • L.L. Bean Lunch Box, Print: Flower Power. Annie’s lunchbox [related coupons]
  • Talbots Pants: Annie’s pants (remember the pants blog?); these are the pants I love that are flattering & make me feel good [related coupons]

Books/Podcasts we like:

  • Becoming Wise, Krista Tippett (Annie, here: I will mention this book in an upcoming podcast. So wonderful. I’m listening to it on audio during my commute.)