Breaking up with Bread… Again!

Karen loses 5 pounds… and here’s how

I Am a Huge Success

Karen’s Re-motivated to Lose Weight in 3 Easy Steps

Losing weight is not a panacea

Let me start by saying that I’m very, very happy to have lost weight, 24 pounds! Woot woot! Let me next say that for every great thing that has occurred because of this weight loss (smaller pants size, visible cheek bones) almost an equal number of, albeit smaller, things have come to my attention—and not […]

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I bought pants off the rack. #Winning

This week I walked into a store, picked up a size 14, tried them on, loved them, and bought them. In fact, to back up, I went out of town for a day trip for work—wearing pants I wasn’t fond of—and bought and put on these new pants. I rocked new pants to my meetings […]

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Losing 15 Pounds – Summary of my success

For those of you in the know  you know that my sister and I are both over 40 (ok, I’m over 50) and we both have over 40 pounds to lose.   We co-author this weight loss blog and co-host our podcast to document our weight loss success.   Originally it was for our future selves… and over the last few weeks it became apparent that we are not alone.   There are oodles or women… losing it over 40. 

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I thought I knew what I wanted

I thought I knew what I wanted out of my weight loss journey. Lose weight. Right? Now, I’m not so sure. And it’s a bit scary. Let me start by saying that (a.) I’ve lost 23 pounds (yay!), and (b.) I took my kids to the bakery after the library and bought something for the […]

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Weight Loss is like a Road Trip

I love a roadtrip and I realize that we all pack differently when we’re going away.  I have fond memories of my family all piled in the station wagon driving to our summer home 8 hours away. I remember being a teenager packing nearly everything I owned for those vacations.  It didn’t matter how long… […]

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This isn’t a Dress Rehearsal

For those of you that don’t know (or haven’t guessed) I’m an “idea junkie”.  I absolutely adore thinking about what’s possible, seeing someone’s success and thinking, “How can I do that?” You see, success is very motivating.  To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have started Weight Watchers if Annie hadn’t been having such great success.  […]

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Runner’s High? No. Dieter’s High? Yes.

It’s come as a pleasant surprise, a real shock: I can’t emphasize enough how *tremendous* I feel. I don’t know anything about nutrition or biology or physiology beyond what you or I can google, but I imagine that I feel so great, not so much because of the weight loss, but more because of what […]

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Karen get’s stuck and blames the Nutella

Still only 10 pounds down.  Actually, slightly wavering at losing some ground, and I blame the Nutella. 2 Tablespoons of Nutella = 10 points Conclusion?  Nutella is evil.  Remember my previous rant about “I’m savory not sweet!”  Well… I had forgotten all about my addiction to sweet… or perhaps I was lulled into a full […]

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Annie: When I weighed 215 lbs

When I was 216 pounds. When I was 209 pounds. When I was 198 pounds. When I was 212 pounds. I keep rolling these figures and phrases around in my head, hoping that they’ll stick. However, I know too well they’ll drift by and eventually disappear and I will forget truly what it’s like to […]

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Karen is Breaking Fat Habits

Karen was Un-Naturally Hungry This week started like any other, except I was 10 pounds lighter. And… I was un-naturally hungry. Almost obsessed with eating and snacks and munching and more. I was already training myself to pay attention to my cravings and for the most part I was able to overcome my urge for […]

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