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Working on What’s Possible in Weight Loss

My sister and I are always talking about how we tell ourselves what’s possible, we’ve been calling it the story we tell ourselves.  As it turns out, that’s a popular theme in coaching circles right now.  My knee jerk reaction was, “Hey! They stole that from our podcast!” and then I realized that it’s important and like most important ideas it will be shared in a million different ways and comes to thousands of people because it rings true.

As unique as we are individually we all have so many things in common that we can’t help overlap and connect.  If for no other reason, we are on the same planet, country, town, supermarket and neighborhood.  We pass each other in the street, on highways as well fly over in airplanes.

Ahhhh it would seem that I am waxing nostalgically day dreaming about humanity and truth and justice…. (queue music) but really I was thinking about motivation.  My personal motivation and how it helps to see the big picture when thinking about motivating.

One thing I’ve noticed in this #losingitover40 journey is that I have a short attention span.

I’m like the graph of a one hit wonder…  I start out climbing the charts hit the peak then experience a steady decline.

I think the myth I tell myself is that when I get there, at that peak… that I can stay there.

I lose 10 pounds and I immediately want to celebrate.  AND, I’m not sure what podcast it was but we talked about that… I remember when I realized that I celebrate with food!

And over this journey I’ve found many things that motivate and many things that should motivate and don’t.  Right now… right this moment…  I’m experiencing a stuckness around a particular factor that I didn’t expect.


I graduated in 1983. Yes, not only am I over 40… I am over 50.   This will be the first reunion I have attended.  I see a lot of people on Facebook but very few people in real life.  That coupled with the fact that I am no long emotionally or physically the same person I was 32 years ago… I’m not sure what to expect.

And I am feeling some pressure to lose some more weight.

That feeling… that pressure… is absolutely stopping me in my tracks.  It’s like everything inside me is telling me to “f’off”  HA HA HA HA HA  This is a battle.

Maybe it’s the idea of the reunion and maybe deep down I’m scared to go so I’m sabotaging one of the things I have control over… what I put in my mouth.

Don’t believe me?

Yesterday, slice of pound cake, grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, mac n cheese and corn bread, 2 fried eggs and toast (no butter) with ketchup.  That my friends is not the voice of reason selecting my meal plan. That is fear.

Finding My Real Motivation

It’s clear that the idea of a reunion is freaking me out.  So much so, that it’s actually having an adverse effect on my real tangible goals. (weightloss being one of them).   So, what is my real motivation?  It’s not just about losing weight right?  It’s about how I feel when I’m lighter, it’s about energy, it’s about clothing choices and it’s about me.  What I think about when I think about me.

Motivation has to come from the inside.   And as I step back into the ring of taking control over my health and wellness and am reminded of encouraging Deepak Chopra can be with his methods of becoming self away and fearless.  He write about how we spend a lot of time looking at the outside for things to change us, and in fact it’s an inside job.  This morning I found this three step… mantra that really connected.  It helped me sort of relieve some fear and anxiety surrounding the upcoming reunion… and I hope it helps you.

Memorize and repeat as needed.

  1. I am totally independent of the good or bad opinion of others.
  2. I am beneath no one, and no one is beneath me.
  3. I am fearless in the face of all challenges.

Today is a new day.




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