breakign up with bread again

Breaking up with Bread… Again!

I’ve tried to break up with bread, and it’s hard.  I’m not interested in breaking up with the multi-grain bread like Ezekial Sprouted or Dave’s Killer bread… (both of which are awesome) I’m talking about WHITE BREAD.

White bread is like a pristine canvas just waiting for the artistic swipe of peanut butter or the placement of a fried egg, and I love it.  Sometimes white bread is a bagel or english muffin… sometimes it’s a light fluffy pancake or french toast.  Anyway you slice it (pun… definitely intended) I love that refined stuff.

As you know about 2 months ago I did the WHOLE30.  (which is basically the Paleo diet with a kick)

I tried to keep a blog log of my days on the Whole30 and I think I did… but I’m blocking that adventure in revisioning food.  I think I’m blocking it because it doesn’t include the things I love to eat.  And I certainly did not starve on the Whole30 and I absolutely found foods I enjoy and even craved… but 30 days wasn’t really enough time to break the years of habits I had acquired.  AND I’m not just talking about the habit of eating but also my habits of thinking.

I remember being a few days into the WHOLE30 and finding myself in the kitchen.  I had literally gotten up and walked into the kitchen… looking for something.  It was just a habit to fill the void… any void whether it’s time or emotion or boredom, with food.

My challenge with changing how I think about foods that are inherently bad for me.  Literally bad.

Today I’m taking a new tactic, I’ve decided to take a look at WHY white bread is bad for you.  And thanks to Mother Earth News… in their article “The Terrible Truth About White Break”  I learned that the bleaching process (the part of the process that makes white bread look so appealing) contributes to signs of aging.

In the process, benzoyl peroxide creates free radicals and benzoic acid.[2] Free radical species are well known to contribute to DNA damage and aging, and benzoic acid can cause contact irritation, discomfort, weakness, and malaise.[3] When ingested, the agent can cause headache, nervousness, nausea, and vomiting.[4]

I will say that as I read this article… I realized that some of the symptoms that occur after eating white white bread do occur to me.  And a lot of that is because I have a hard time resisting these types of treats. I can literally eat a bagel for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  I don’t need to put anything on it, just gimme that bagel.

And I know all these.  This isn’t the first time I’ve known all this… and certainly not the first blog post that I’ve writing where I’ve tried to break up with bread.

It’s a bad relationship.  I need some new friends. ha ha ha ha ha

Does anyone have any suggestions?



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