The end of “being careful”

As I was walking the dog the other day, I was scrolling through some weight loss lessons in my mind. This is kinda how I process things. I think about what’s working (or not) and why, then I try to put my finger on it and give it a name or explanation.

This way it’s easier for me to recall the lesson later on when I need to apply it again, because don’t we all just run into some version of the same scenario over and over and over again? I’m only a sample size of one, but that’s my goal here: distill and perhaps codify some gems & lessons that can help me stick with this healthy eating and lower weight for life.

Anyway, as I was walking I was thinking, “Hey, I really need to be careful. Be careful of what I eat.”

I got to thinking about this phrase with respect to weight loss: Be careful.

Be careful… or you’ll gain the weight back just as easily as it came off.

Be careful… or you’ll undo weeks of work.

Be careful… or you won’t reach your goal.

Be careful… or you’ll fail.

But, “being careful” implies danger and a need for caution.

And I want a healthy, positive, enjoyable relationship with the food that fuels me – not an adversarial one where food is the enemy. Food isn’t a bad guy of which I need to be ever cautious, always on high alert.

It’s not like the food is sneaking up on me and attacking me, filling my thighs and neck and arms without my permission.

Sure, those people that bring donuts in every Friday, THEY might be undermining me (knowingly or unknowingly). But the food just sits there.

To picture food and eating as a battle is to give food a power that it doesn’t have or deserve.

So rather than “be careful,” I’m going to turn my mindset and mantra around to “be prepared.” Prepared means taking action and ownership. I am responsible. I am in control.

Be prepared… and you won’t be hungry when they have cupcakes and donuts in the office.

Be prepared… and you’ll make better choices on lasagna and Italian sausage day in the office cafeteria.

Be prepared… and you’ll be satisfied physically and emotionally.

Be prepared… and you’ll succeed.

That’s it. That’s my lesson: be prepared and don’t fear the cupcake.

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