Losing 15 Pounds – Summary of my success

15 pounds down… only 45 more to go

For those of you in the know  you know that my sister and I are both over 40 (ok, I’m over 50) and we both have over 40 pounds to lose.   We co-author this weight loss blog and co-host our podcast to document our weight loss success.   Originally it was for our future selves… and over the last few weeks it became apparent that we are not alone.   There are oodles or women… losing it over 40.

I’m proud and excited to post my…Summary of the first 15 pounds.

Summary of my first 15 pounds

Weight loss is a very tenuous thing.  One day you’re up… and one day you’re down.  I know, I know you’re not supposed to weight yourself every day, but I find it very motivating and educational.  It had led me to the top 4 reasons I have succeeded in losing 15 pounds so far.

Top 5 Reasons I’ve lost weight

  1. Success is very motivating
  2. Not all combinations of Calories/sugar/fat are created equal
  3. I need a Support System
  4. I can’t say, “No” to a donut
  5. I think I’m thin… (and young) so visualizing myself thin doesn’t work

These are my personal results.  You’re results may differ, but over the last 7 weeks I have lost 15 pounds.

My goal is 45 pounds more pounds!

#1 Success is very motivating

My sister Annie started losing weight 2 or 3 weeks before me.  We were talking (she was talking and I was complaining) and when she told me she had already lost almost 10 pounds, I was immediately on the “weight loss” bandwagon.   I wanted the success she was experiencing.

I wasn’t ready to jump into Weight Watchers because I had failed too many times before… but I was ready to change something. I was ready to DO something.

Her continued success convinced me that I needed the same kind of help she was getting.  So I joined.

Her success really supercharged my desire to experience the same success.

NOW… my success is the supercharger!

When I weight myself and I’m down… I do a little dance and jump around and really celebrate!  It’s awesome!

When I weight myself and I’m up… I give myself a pep talk that goes like this:  “Nice job, that’s not bad, you’re still down from your original weight, and only slightly higher then you goal for the week”

There was only 1 time (in the last 7 weeks) that I had to really take a look at what was going on in my head to figure out why I was sabotaging myself. (I’m not going to rehash and bore you with the details, you can read it here: https://losingitover40.com/karen-breaking-habits/)

#2 Not all combinations of Calories/Sugar/Fat are equal

I have come to the conclusion that counting my weight watchers points isn’t the ONLY thing I need to do.  I need to understand more about the chemical reaction in my body.

At my age (53) there are some choices that leave me hungry, some choices that actually give me leg cramps at night, and some choices that remarkably accelerate my weight loss.

I attribute my awareness of the possibility of individual chemical reactions to certain foods, to the book The Metabolism Plan.    This book really explained to me why some of the choices that should  have led to weight loss didn’t… while others did.  However, when I tried to follow the weight loss plan described in the book, it was too restrictive for me.  I’m a frozen food kind of gal

#3 I need a support system

Part of the reason The Metabolism Plan, as a weight loss plan failed for me is that I didn’t like the foods AND I needed more support.  My sister Annie was doing Weight Watchers online and I decided to give it a try.

I’m not going to turn this into a Weight Watchers commercial, so I’ll just say that it’s working for me.  Having the app on my phone is like having someone walking with me helping me make good choices in the moment.

PLUS. My sister.  Our blog, Our podcast it keeps me going, keeps me thinking about progress and success and as a result I keep experiencing progress and success!

#4 I can’t say “No” to a donut

Knowledge is power.  The truth is. I can  say, “no” to a donut, but I don’t really want to.

So, unless the donuts gets eaten, thrown out or destroyed and outside my reach… there’s a good chance, my feeble initial “no” will turn into a “oh, ok… I guess… Yes, I want that donut”

There is some demented ingrained deep rooted belief in my psych that actually tells me I deserve that donut.  (I know right?)

Now, they say you shouldn’t deprive yourself, but that’s donkey crap, because if I didn’t deprive myself of the deliciousness that is attractive to my sweet tooth, then I’d never lose weight.

However, what I’m learning is… to buy less.  NOT to buy the 2 dozen because it’s cheaper, or value pack because it’s a bargain.  Just get what I need or want at the moment.  AND when I tell myself, “I’m getting this for my kids” also remind myself I only have 3 kids… not 60. 🙂

You see, I also know… I will eat them until they are gone.  If I get 3, and hand them to my children, then they are gone.  If I get the 60 pack… well, we know what happens.

Just KNOWING they exist in my house is enough to get me sleep walking into the kitchen.

#5 I think I’m thin already

My final epiphany: In my minds eye, I’m a different person then in reality.

Seriously, when I think about what I look like, it’s not over 50 and overweight.  In my minds eye I’m 20 or 30 something with an athletic strong build.

The great news is that I also don’t feel like a fat old lady, so I am not inclined to act like one either.

Losing weight has been very liberating and I’m looking forward to the next 45 pounds as my outside starts to match the vision I have from the inside… however, it brought the error of my visualization to my attention.

It wasn’t motivating to try to visualize myself thin… because I already thought I was thin.  I had this weird idea of what I looked like…

Instead, I had to change my approach. 

I found that concentrating on the numbers on the scale worked.  I had no emotional attachment to the scale or the numbers.  I had no habit of thinking or delusional thinking as the case may be.

It was like a challenge.  It was less personal, easier to separate and celebrate and yes… achieve.

My Tools for Success

  1. Support: My sister Annie and I meet every week online and record our podcast. It helps to be thinking about what we’ll talk about because it keeps everything moving forward with a positive intention
  2. Weight Watchers Online Plus: I love this program. I scan EVERYTHING. Literally EVERYTHING.  I go to Aldi’s, Wegman’s and shoprite, scanning everything. I discovered several good surprises (like fish fillets & tuna are 1 point) and several not so good surprises (most soups are A LOT of points!)
  3. This Blog: It helps to write it down. For me, it always has, and if I can help my future self or anyone else get motivated by this success… it helps me now to think that it will.
  4. Our Podcasts: I listen to our podcasts. In fact, my sister and I might be the only listeners!  HA HA HA HA HA  but they remind me of how I felt, what I was thinking and how far I’ve come.

Thanks for reading/listening and helping me lose my first 15 pounds!

Here’s to another 45 successful pounds!



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