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Well… as my sister Annie so eloquently posted in Why Blog – Annies Story it is time to make some life changes.

The fact is that in the last five to seven years I have gained weight like it’s my job.  Seriously like someone is paying me to do it!  I am nearly the same weight I was when I was pregnant with my kids. The difference now is that the extra person I’m carrying around is just fat, and well… I’m 52!

I am not content to sit back and blame menopause, or my DNA or a completely fabricated FAT gene. I am fully aware that if I want change I need to change something.

It occurred to me today, that I spend A LOT of time telling myself about the things I don’t like about dieting.  I say things like:

I don’t like to cook
I don’t like to plan ahead
I don’t like to feel hungry
I don’t enjoy vegetables and preparing meals
I don’t want…. (fill in the blank)

AND the things I tell myself I deserve are “treats” like cookies and ice cream, and half and half, chips, buttered bagels and pizza.

I should really be spending that time telling myself about the things I don’t like about being fat.  AND, not in an ashamed or disappointed or self bullying way.  I’m never ashamed about not liking to cook or eat vegetables, why would I be ashamed at how I look.  I know I’m not defined by how I look.  I know I’m not defined by any labels I can think of… it’s not about that. It’s about the whole conversation and the habit of thinking one way, instead of another.


Shit just got real.

What if I DESERVE to be slender?  What if I DESERVE to be athletic? Those are the inner narratives I want to start having.

I quit smoking 13 years ago. I just stopped.  It was easy.  I simply decided to be a nonsmoker and I became a nonsmoker.  I loved smoking, I really did. I had been smoking over a pack a day for 20ish years. When I tell a smoker that I quit cold turkey, they usually try to convince me that they have it harder.  They list all the reasons it’s too hard for them to quit.

I guess I do that about weight-loss.

I asked myself, “Why does this seem so much harder? Why does this seem so different?”

Maybe because cigarettes is just one thing.  Maybe it’s easier for me personally to focus on and stop one thing.  PLUS there is a LOT of social support for quitting smoking, or so we think.  (right after I wrote that sentence I realized something else: we look for evidence to support what we think regardless.  I remember when people were telling me it was bad to smoke I would pull out my “ace in the hole” my 96 year old dutch aunt who smoked chesterfield non-filtered cigarettes every day until she went into the nursing home.  Was that one person stacked against the thousands with opposite stories enough?  Sure was, that is until it wasn’t.) Bottom line, I need to make this less about a diet, and more about a lifestyle.

I’m going to go about this weight loss differently then all of the other times.

Instead of looking at that big challenge of winning the race, what if I just take one little step towards the finish line… every day?

What if I could change 1 or 2 things get them turned into habits… then change something else?  And so on and so on and so on…

Today I am going to pick 1 thing.

Today I am going to challenge myself to let go of one thing I KNOW is causing me to keep the weight on.  One thing that I KNOW is making it harder for me to live a healthy more slender life.

I have decided (drum roll please) to finally let go of…. Half and Half!

That’s right folks… HALF AND HALF.

I buy a half gallon of half and half a week.   YES, I drink a lot of coffee… and I like it light with no sugar.

Saying it outloud, I KNOW there is no reason any human should drink a 1/2 gallon of half and half in 1 week. OH, don’t get me wrong. I don’t INTEND to drink a half gallon… I just do!

Fact Check: According to www.CalorieKing.com: 1 half gallon of half and half is 2515 calories and 222 grams of fat.  Yup. that’s roughly 31 grams of fat a day… just to drink my delicious morning elixir, not to mention the nearly 400 calories!  YIKES!

Today I’m starting… this ONE CHANGE… one simple, little BUT MOMENTOUS CHANGE…


Wish me luck.

P.S.  I’m also going to be following the guidelines of The Metabolism Plan. To determined if there are foods that are more or less reactive.   You can read an overview of that plan on my previous post.









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