Karen thinks she’s “allergic” to exercise

Today I walked.  I walked briskly and at about the 1 mile mark (almost home and day dreaming about my nice hot cuppa joe waiting) my legs started to itch.

Nearly uncontrollably.

It was more than just a little uncomfortable… I had to stop and scratch and run and still the itch persisted.  No hives, just redness and itching.

Thankfully I graduated from the University of Google and I was able to find an explanation that … I liked.    The first explanation made me seem like a slothful couch potato so I immediately continued my search.  What?  What was that explanation you ask?  Prevention.com says, ”  Believe it or not, itchy legs are a common complaint, particularly among new walkers. Some experts believe that it may be due to poor circulation. If sluggish blood flow is to blame, the itching should subside as your body gets acclimated to your new activity.  ”

I like the LIVESTRONG explanation which basically says: I’m allergic.  HA HA HA HA HA  (Read the whole description here)

Actually, not really allergic, but definitely a reaction, ” Your symptoms are caused by the body going into an inflammatory response directed by the immune system. Your body releases histamine, which in turn causes the redness and swelling you experience. Blood vessels dilate, which results in increased circulation. Hives develop with areas of redness. ”  according to LIVESTRONG.

I’m pretty sure that the two explanations are saying the same thing…. PROBABLY, my sluggish blood flow, is what is causing the inflammatory response and YES, probably if I continue walking I may be able to change that… however the episode was SO UNCOMFORTABLE that I’m going to need more than just the knowledge that it’s common… I’m going to need a strategy.

Tonight, before I go to bed, I’m going to take zyrtec.

Zyrtec is a histamine blocker.  Which means, it should help keep the chemical reaction I experienced during my morning walk from getting to the “uncontrollably itchy legs” that I experienced.

The Reason For This Post

The reason I’m posting this?  I wanted to illustrate how easily we can get sidelined and also showcase ways we can overcome those obstacles.

I want to be 60 pounds lighter.  I do!  Sometimes my food choices don’t support that, but I’m working on it.  Right now… all I can do is tackle each obstacle as they come, pretty soon instead of playing football, I’ll be a worldclass hurdler… jumping the hurdles at top speed!

Have an amazing day!

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