Karen Talks about The Point of Counting Points

As you know, if you’re listening to our podcasts Annie is losing weight like it’s her job. 6 weeks and 18 pounds. Me… not so much.

This week I’ve decided to show up for my success in a different way, I’m joining weight watchers online plus. (shameless promotion:  click here to save on the online subscription until 9/18/2017)

Today was my first full day of weight watchers.  I scanned almost everything, my coffee, my snack and my salad in a bag for lunch.  It was awesome and I was doing exceptionally well, until I came home and cooked dinner. Keilbasa and mashed potatoes for the kids.  Well… let’s just say, I probably shouldn’t have eaten the kielbasa.

The great news is I didn’t go over my points. (If I brought in some of the weekly bonus points I’m allowed to use)

I’ll keep you posted, I’m looking forward to losing my 15 pounds in 5 weeks.

That 5 weeks starts today!

The thing about counting points is that you HAVE to track your food.  My sister Annie has been saying that all along, that really being mindful of what she’s eating and knowing when you’ve reached your limit for a particular day is crucial.

If I could at what I wanted every day all day long it would be coconut cream pies, little debbie oatmeal pies and cheesecake… and I can probably even talk myself into believing that there’s nutritional value in all three of those things, but it’s a perfect storm. AND a storm that weight watchers helps you avoid.  If I’m being honest and tracking my points properly, I woudl never eat those three things on the same day.

You’ll notice that I don’t even pretend to say that I won’t eat them… I just won’t eat them on the same day.

That’s the value of keeping track. That’s the value of points.

What you give up vs. what you gain

We all have that thing. That one thing that we tell ourselves makes life worth living, that one thing that we tell ourselves… “If I can’t eat that, I might as well be dead.”

The trick is to want something MORE then you want that slice of pizza, or pie, or candy or chip.  The trick is to remind yourself that there is a goal, and that goal is a healthy, vibrant weight.

The trick is… to want to BE SOMETHING more … then you want to EAT something.


My friend Diana is always telling me, “We both know, that all diets work if you stick to them”  and I agree with her.

BUT that’s actually the point about points.  Being able to eat whatever you want provided it falls within a certain point range is the basically being able to eat whatever you want and just having someone tell you… OK, that’s it for today.

In the normal world (the world without points) there is NO ONE telling you, “OK that’s enough, if you eat more, you’ll get fat”  NOPE.  In the big wide world out there, there are only people says, “Look at this deliciousness… come buy this and go buy that… and eat it all up so you can come back and buy more”

I NEED points.  seriously, I have no self control.

It’s like my own personal moderator.  I love it.  I think I might just be a LIFE TIME MEMBER! HA HA HA HA HA (is there a thing?)

I just want to tell you, that the struggle is ONLY a struggle if you decide to allow it to be one.  Not everyone will like weight watchers, and right now… I do.  I like it a lot. I like it because it gives me easy to follow guidance that helps shape my decisions on a daily basis about my diet.

What about you?

What diets have you had success with? What foods do you struggle with?  How are you overcoming the challenges?  Comment below we’d LOVE to hear form you!

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