Karen is Breaking Fat Habits

Karen was Un-Naturally Hungry

This week started like any other, except I was 10 pounds lighter.

And… I was un-naturally hungry. Almost obsessed with eating and snacks and munching and more. I was already training myself to pay attention to my cravings and for the most part I was able to overcome my urge for a quick plate of nachos, or rice or pasta or pizza or fried chicken.  I said, for the most part.

I say un-natural, because it was. Seriously, it felt like it wasn’t even “me”.  It felt like something had possessed me.  Thankfully, instead of mindlessly going with the flow, I stopped and thought about what was going on.  I compared this week, to last week.

Then it hit me. 10 pounds is a landmark, it’s a goal. I was behaving as if I had reached the goal when in fact I had just reached “a” goal.

I immediately set another goal for the following week, another 3 pounds. AND miraculously, I felt better almost immediately. My cravings nearly ceased.

I repeated my new goal over and over, saying it out loud, challenging myself to reach it.  I literally visualized the new goal weight in my head.  I woke up this morning, happy to be working towards that new goal.

The Power of Goals

The fat fact is, that my body and brain don’t like change and they never have.  My rose colored recollection of the moments in my life when I really liked how I looked are just that.. rose colored. I remember working out at Jack La Lane’s (that should tell you how long ago I went to the gym regularly) or doing step aerobic’s with my friends in our living room watching the newest season of “Beverly Hills 90210“.  (another indication of my antiquated athleticism).  As I write this I recognize that was 30-ish years ago, so why does it feel like yesterday or just last week that I was 50 pounds lighter.

Time flies when you’re eating burgers and fries.

I haven’t had a serious weight loss goal in … what?  30 years?  Probably.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I have formed certain habits of thinking.  Like the starry eyed daydream of being my ideal weight in the blink of an eye.  The idea of starting tomorrow or the next day or the next day is fine because it’s easy to obtain when you go to Jack La Lane.  First reality check, I can’t get off the floor without having something to climb on, so we’re a long way from free weights!

Also, As I mentioned above, I was un-naturally hungry.  It was a weird hungry, a “you won the race now celebrate” kind of hungry.

I’m telling you this because I never in my life realized how powerful setting a goal can be.  As SOON as I set the goal for another 3 pounds down, my brain kicked into gear.

The fried chicken pushing cherub next to me was replaced with a fast talking peppy coach blowing the whistle at each thought I had of oreos or buttered toast.

Karen Finds Her Thing

Besides writing in the third person (which is surprisingly satisfying) Karen finally realizes the power of setting her small incremental goals.

Everyone is different, we all have our snags and triggers.  The point of this blog is for my sister and myself to work out and talk to our future selves about the struggle, and remind ourselves how we overcome the obstacles, what we did that worked, and what we did that didn’t.

You see success is not just a ceiling, it’s a floor.  The trick is, to push the ceiling up a bit, then pull the floor up to meet you, and keep pushing the ceiling up.   Ultimately, I’d like to float comfortably in the middle of my metaphorical goal room, with the ceiling pushed up to my most ideal weight and the floor a gentle 10 – 15 pounds away.

So, I’m pushing the ceiling by saying 3 pounds in a week.  Yes, and not just any old 3 pounds, but I have a specific number that 3 pounds will get me (I’m embarrassed to actually say the number, but in truth, I don’t think many people are actually reading this blog so I can say it) 3 pounds will bring me to… drum roll please… 217.  Yikes right?

No excuses

The fact that I’m embarrassed to even write my new 3 pound goal weight in a blog that no one is reading but me and my sister really says a lot about how I feel about where my weight is right now.  My knee jerk reaction is to make the usual excuse “but I’m tall”… so guess what, that just means that it doesn’t necessarily look like 217 pounds, but it is.  AND to be very honest… it does look like 217 pounds.  AND 217 is my new incremental goal.  YUP.  It’s a hard goal to reach, because three pounds in a week.

One Last Thing

Remember how I told you about The Metabolism Plan?  I’ve decided to combine what I’ve learned from that book with Weight Watchers and I’m weighing myself every day.  Here’s how that helps.  The app tracks everything I eat.  Each day I’m within a certain amount of points.  However, some days I’ve lost weight/stayed the same/or gained.  Having the list of foods that coincide with the daily measurement of my weight helps me to see which foods cause inflammation.

Part of the metabolism plan is to recognize that eating creates a chemical reaction in our bodies and no two people are exactly alike.  I found that eating a regular burger does not affect my weight while eating a turkey burger causes me to gain weight.  Most would wave their hands and say, “water weight” but… inflammation especially when it’s chronic causes (among other things) weight gain and makes it harder to lose weight.

I feel like this is a more holistic approach and unique for me. I’m not just “counting calories” but I’m paying attention to how those calories react in my body and at the end of 30 days I’ll have a better idea of which foods I should stay away from.  I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. Love this blog. So true what you’re saying about setting goals and how motivating those goals are, I can’t wait to read more about what you’ve got to say

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