I bought pants off the rack. #Winning

This week I walked into a store, picked up a size 14, tried them on, loved them, and bought them.

In fact, to back up, I went out of town for a day trip for work—wearing pants I wasn’t fond of—and bought and put on these new pants. I rocked new pants to my meetings all day. It felt tremendous. It felt like winning; weightless success big time.

Yes – I wore new pants I had just bought mid-day in a different city to important meetings all day. Yes, I rolled my old pants and shoved them into my bag. Yes, I even then threw the old pants away later in the day—good riddance.

I’m not sure when I was last a size 14, but the pants I initially had on were unpleasant and unflattering. That can happen in ANY size. But now that I’ve lost weight and my size 16s are so baggy they look ridiculous it was time to unbury the size 14s in my closet. The choices in my closet were few and not pretty, mostly old and fairly ratty.

Here’s the thing: I learned a long time ago — looking at guy’s clothing — that I really don’t need a lot of clothes. Men wear the SAME thing to work every day. And it’s totally OK! Rather than be jealous or chiding, I applaud them for their sensibility and seek to emulate their practicality. Not by wearing Dockers and a blue shirt every day, but by having a core set of ~3 great outfits. (I think trendy people in cities do this too, because they have limited closet space. And those cool people with Tiny Houses. They focus on what’s important.)

Buying lots of clothes isn’t important to me and doesn’t make me happy. That’s not who I am.

But gosh darn it, being happy in the clothes I DO have? That IS important.

And what’s most amazing about this whole experience is that I had every confidence (having lost 20+ lbs!) that I was at a place where I could buy something in a regular store (Ann Taylor) in a regular size (albeit the largest one they carried…). It was so satisfying!

So I’m gonna keep on keeping on with my weight loss journey and rocking Weight Watchers. I may never get below a size 14, even if I lose another 10 lbs, and that’s OK.

It might only be pants – a pants victory – but it’s not really about the pants, is it? The pants are just one part of this journey.

How about you? What are you learning on your journey?


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One thought on “I bought pants off the rack. #Winning”

  1. Congratulations on finding a smaller size that’s a great fit, and losing the weight needed to get into them. For me, pants and jeans are the hardest types of clothing to fit right. Those skinny jeans would never fit me even if I lost 30 lbs. When I find pairs that fit right I buy a few of the same thing and just wear them out.

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