Back on Track

Hello 2018! Well, we’ve been at this 2018 thing for almost 24 hours already, but I have a confession. I have big plans for you, 2018. Big. BIG. BIG PLANS for you!

First, back to tracking what I eat and knocking off these last 10 (OK, 14) pounds. Back to the program.

It was a nice hiatus since before Thanksgiving, but I need to narrow the parameters again and stop with the loosey-goosey eating. It’s not ideal for health or weight loss. The guide rails actually help and make me happier. (I’m boiling eggs as we speak.)

Next, fitness. Moving, stretching, listening to my muscles and maybe moving them around a bit more. This will be key for 2018. (Specific goals, TBD.)

Friends. I’m so lazy–I’m not the best of friends and I’m gonna try just a little harder in 2018. Because like fitness, you get out what you put in.

2018 may be hard; it may deal us some real s/!t, but I’ll own what I can own. That’s all I can do.

I lost 30 pounds in 2017. Here’s to a healthy, happy, peaceful, fulfilling, satisfying and at times vivacious 2018!!!

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