The Metabolism Plan

The Premise

The metabolism plan works on the premise that we are all different and weight loss is not  the simple eat less and exercise more cause and effect process that we’ve always thought.  Although clearly cause and effect this plan explain weight loss and gain as more of a chain reaction to food, with the key word being reaction.

In short, we are all different and our bodies react differently to food.  This reaction can cause an immune response called inflammation.  The book explains that inflammation is triggered as a healing response which is meant to help heal our body but when it’s triggered too often it becomes “chronic”.

This inflammatory reaction is also known to include: headaches, skin issues, hormonal problems, mood swings, constipation, and bloating, and left untreated heart disease, type 2 diabetes and even cancer.

Scary stuff right?  Let’s just focus on weight loss. 🙂

In a perfect world, your body uses chemical reactions to transform what you eat into bones, blood, muscles, organs, nerves and energy.

“Your metabolism determines how hungry you are, how often you need or want to eat, and how much food you need to sustain you. It also determines whether you gain, lose or maintain weight, as well as how much energy you have”

This process is disrupted by chronic inflammation.

  • Inflammation starts with histamine
  • Histamine causes capillaries to dilate
  • To control this response your body produces a stress hormone known as cortisol
  • Cortisol does many things, and is a biochemical building block hormone, so the more cortisol your body produces the more your hormones are thrown out of whack… including elevating your sugar.
  • This additional sugar feeds an intestinal bacterial known as yeast or candida, this alters your “gut flora” and (according to the book) 70 – 80 percent of your immune system is located in your gut, now your immune response is disrupted.
  • AND a high yeast craving means never-ending carb and sugar cravings.

The Metabolism Plan

The book lays out a simple plan.  Do a three day cleanse, then introduce the non-reactive foods on the list and JOURNAL EVERYTHING.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!  Turns out, I forgot to tell you about your thyroid.  That’s like the Police of your metabolism, and the easiest way to monitor inflammation.  Apparently, if your thyroid is working properly and at optimum levels, your basal body temperature (or BBT) will be as follows: Optimal zone is  97 to 97.3 and functional zone is 96.50 to 96.9.  If your temperature is consistently under, your thyroid is under performing if it’s over, it’s over performing.

Put a digital thermometer by your bed and before you do anything (and the book means anything, including getting up to pee) take your temperature.   Moving too much might skew your temperature.

Apparently, your BBT is a quick, easy and instant way to check on your diet, exercise, sleep and stress levels… to help you filter out the items that are reactive and inflammation causing in your life.

(Women be mindful that your bbt will also elevate when you are ovulating, that’s why the book suggests that you need at least 30 day so data)

Me on the Plan.

The first part of the plan is the cleanse diet.  It sucks.  For starters, one of the meals is carrot soup. I can’t stand cooked carrots. I don’t mean it’s a choice I make, I mean my gag reflex makes the choice. So, I’ve decided to immediately break the first rule (you must follow this plan very strictly) and I’m making butternut squash instead of carrot soup.  I like butternut squash, I’m not a fan of the soup… but at least I won’t puke.

The Morning Routine is take your BBT, weigh yourself, record the results in your yjurnal, drink 16 ounces of fresh water with lemon juice, take supplements as needed. (I can’t take supplements because they upset my stomach, so if I need to stake vitamins, I might do that at night)

Breakfast is a Flax Granola with blueberries.
Lunch is butternut squash soup (I might just make the squash)  and steamed broccoli, baby romaine salad with olive oil, lemon juice and herbs
Snack Apple
Dinner Kale with spicy sauce with sunflower seeds, Beet and carrot salad with pumpkin seeds and lemon juice.

And so it goes, similarly for 3 days, then it ends.  NOW it’s all about journaling your food and exercise and monitoring your body’s reaction.


Of course, you going to initially lose weight on this plan because they have you immediately starting with a cleanse, which of course while it’s designed to rid your body of toxin’s is also very low in calories.  They even warn about not feeling well

The part that I LIKE about this approach is that it seems to want to help you uncover the hidden ways that you are blocking your ability to lose weight. I imagine that through this process I’ll learn that there are a number of foods that I enjoy that cause me to gain weight.

The part I DON’T LIKE about this approach is that… I imagine there will be a number of foods that I enjoy that cause me to gain weight.

Actually in all seriousness, I understand that eating less calories and exercising more will help me lose weight, and I feel like the information in this book will just help me optimize that goal.  Perhaps there are “healthy” foods (like the book suggests) that work against my weight loss goal, instead of for it.. that information would be very handy to have…

Today is Monday, I start the cleanse.  I’ll check back in on Wednesday.

P.S. I forgot to share with you the shocking list of most common reactive foods. The book has them laid out under the “percentage of people who reaction to them” and I’m only going to share the 85% list… because it’s very enlightening.

Black beans
Cannellini beans
Deli Meats (regular sodium)
Farm-raise fish
Greek Yogurt
Hard Boiled Eggs
Non-Organic Spinach

I KNOW!  RIGHT?  It’s the list that got me.  Now, the idea behind this plan is that YOU CREATE YOUR OWN LIST.