It finally happened: Annie doesn’t lose weight

I weighed in on Friday and for the first time on my (current) weight loss journey I didn’t lose weight. I didn’t gain weight. But I didn’t lose weight either.

I knew the day was coming. I tried to mentally prepare. But nothing prepares you for doing all the right things, working hard and keeping track — and not having measurable success. It’s sooooo disheartening.

It’s the kind of thing that makes you want to find a table to flip over and shout, “This is bu//$&@! man!!”

What’s worse is this happened the day before I was going away for the weekend with the family to a fried-food-heaven beach town.

I was very tempted to say – screw it all. But in reality, the only person I’m screwing over is myself and my own long term weight loss goals. This is a long journey, I am in control of making it even longer if I don’t make choices to make it shorter. I almost said “smart” choices, but in reality, “smart” choices implies that there are also dumb choices. I believe these are really quick vs. long weight loss choices. Because avocados and homemade chili are not “dumb” choices (OK, maybe funnel cake is).

Sometimes we need food for comfort. Sometimes we need food (brie, extra crusty bread, salami…) to let us know that all is right with the world. But over the weekend I made some good choices and some poor choices, or rather some weight loss hastening choices and some weight loss extending choices. But I owned them all and I didn’t let those questionable choices take over.

I had a (BIG) bite (or two) of someone’s frozen custard, but I didn’t get my own. I got the breaded, fried, full of sauciness crab cake, but with a salad, not fries or rice. I got an omelet with spinach and feta (I do miss unlimited cheese), but as an egg white omelet. And when it came with home fries because I forgot to ask to not have them, I ate much of them – and thoroughly enjoyed them – but didn’t eat all of them.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And with each bite I knew exactly what I was doing–that I was making a slightly harder, no, not harder, just LONGER, hill to climb this coming week and in the weeks to come.

So here I am. After not loosing weight last week and a weekend of mild food debauchery.

I’m planning to have half my coffee black, cutting those points. And planning to eat more pepitas less almonds. Small changes in the short term.

And I’m planning to get back on track. Because that’s life. That’s real life.

We explore this past week in this week’s podcast.

And yes, I took my sister’s advice and did some sit-ups this morning for the first time in, oh, 10 years? And by “some” I mean 20. That’s it. 20. Small steps.

Enjoy your day.

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