Whole30 – Broke me, Now, picking up the pieces

Breaking up with Bread… Again!

Karen loses 5 pounds… and here’s how

Back on Track

Hello 2018! Well, we’ve been at this 2018 thing for almost 24 hours already, but I have a confession. I have big plans for you, 2018. Big. BIG. BIG PLANS for you! First, back to tracking what I eat and knocking off these last 10 (OK, 14) pounds. Back to the program. It was a […]

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My Dear Diary Discovery

The Value of a Weight Loss Journal One of the things that I’ve noticed in my journey towards a healthier weight is that weight loss affects many aspects of my life.  For instance, I’m still a lazy cook, but I am eating better.  Simply because I have to be a little more creative about what […]

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Running a “dry burn”

“…After every five roasts, we recommend you do a system dry burn and interior cleaning. This is done to ensure there is no sediment buildup blocking a sensor…” As some of you know from an earlier podcast, to foster weight loss I’ve gotten into home coffee roasting both for pleasure and for something to do […]

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Getting Started… all over again

I think we all understand that feeling of freedom… of wild abandon… the moment we decide (or admit) that we are ready to let go of the restrictions of eating healthy in “diet” mode and step into the real world of “real eating mode”.   That fantastic feeling of freedom and electricity as we plot and […]

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