Follow the Hysterical Weightloss Journey of Sisters: Karen & Annie

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Karen loses 5 pounds… and here’s how

Over the last 6 months (or so) I have gained and lost the same 5 to 7 pounds, each time getting nearly to the 30 pound mark, and then falling off the wagon and gaining it back.  I feel within the very being of my […]

I Am a Huge Success

I don’t mean to brag, but in the last 10 months I have: Lost 36 pounds Taken yoga classes regularly Gone to Bar Method a handful of times Started walking-jogging AND run in a 5K And today, went to my first CrossFit class I. Am. […]

Karen’s Re-motivated to Lose Weight in 3 Easy Steps

Last August my sister and I started this blog and our podcast: #Losingitover40.  Since then my sister Annie has lost (and kept off) over 35 pounds and myself over 25. Truth be told, we’ve lost closer to 80 pounds each if we were to count […]

Thinking My Way to Weight Loss Success – NOT!

For better or worse, thoughts AREN’T actions. Good intentions aren’t good actions. (And thankfully bad intentions aren’t bad actions either.) Weight loss update: I’ve still lost over 30 pounds. I reached long-term my personal goal of 175 and then have been hovering between 176-178. But […]

If thoughts are things why do I keep creating donuts?

I am 207 pounds today.  I was 230 and I then I was 203 and now I’m 207.  When I unpack my weight loss thought process, going back to August I find several epiphanies hidden behind the coffee, donuts, measuring cups and hard boiled eggs.  […]

The Power to Be Happy Now – In front of a wall of mirrors

Tai Chi & the Wall of Mirrors Those of you that are following out podcast know that I started Tai Chi two weeks ago.  I haven’t really written about it because I needed to process the experience and figure out the story I was going to […]

Getting Back on the Wagon After a Weekend of Debachery

First, let me just talk a little bit about “falling off the wagon.” I can’t really speak to other addictions (unless we’re going to have some words about coffee) however, in terms of eating healthy and making mindful eating choices I have found that there […]

I Don’t Want to Think About This, But…

Now that the glow of New Year’s has faded, I’ve been asking myself a lot of unpleasant questions. Actually, more accurately stated, unpleasant questions have been popping unbidden into my head. Let me start with this: I’ve lost THIRTY-SIX (36!!!) pounds. Yes, I now weigh […]

Karen’s top secret weight loss trick

As you know I challenge myself in a million different ways by not being very organized or always planning ahead for things like… Oh… I don’t know, regular meals?  The result is me grazing like a cow as I cook dinner for the kids.  Literally […]

Back on Track

Hello 2018! Well, we’ve been at this 2018 thing for almost 24 hours already, but I have a confession. I have big plans for you, 2018. Big. BIG. BIG PLANS for you! First, back to tracking what I eat and knocking off these last 10 […]