Follow the Hysterical Weightloss Journey of Sisters: Karen & Annie

Month: August 2017

Karen thinks she’s “allergic” to exercise

Today I walked.  I walked briskly and at about the 1 mile mark (almost home and day dreaming about my nice hot cuppa joe waiting) my legs started to itch. Nearly uncontrollably. It was more than just a little uncomfortable… I had to stop and […]

Karen’s says “You win some, you lose some”

I lost weight this week.  Mostly because I changed something.  I didn’t lose weight because I kept doing the same thing that was getting me fat, I didn’t lose weight because I “wished” hard enough to lose weight, I lost weight because I changed something. […]

Annie: So Many Pants, So Few Options

If These Pants Could Talk

Each morning I stare at 22 pairs of pants. For a good minute and a half.

Then I realize I’m really only choosing from only three pairs of pants.

Then I admonish myself for wasting time.

Then I wonder why I have all these pants hanging in my closet, all the time. Not packed away in the attic or basement.

Here’s the thing, I have two or three pairs of black pants in four different sizes and a grey or brown in four different sizes too. This means that in any one size, I have only a few pairs of pants that fit.

Why do I refuse to (a.) throw/give the other sizes away and (b.) get to a size I enjoy and stay there? 

That’s the real question – defining “a size I enjoy.” The “size I enjoy” with an abundance of goat cheese and tzatziki and pulled pork sandwiches and shepherd’s pie is different than the “size I enjoy” on my body.

Where am I now? You guessed it: the largest size I own.

Hence the overwhelming desire to start this healthy eating – ahem, OK *DIET* – that I’m on now.

I yearn to enact true “lifestyle changes,” and BE that brownie- and potato-chip-declining person, but I end up with successful dieting for a time being, off and on, but not forever.

Each time I go down a size or two, I swear I will never go back up.

What happens on the way back up that’s not there on the way down?

Let’s see if we can figure this out. We’re on the ride now!


Karen -> The One thing I’ll Change

Well… as my sister Annie so eloquently posted in Why Blog – Annies Story it is time to make some life changes. The fact is that in the last five to seven years I have gained weight like it’s my job.  Seriously like someone is paying […]

Why blog – Annie’s story

Why blog – Annie’s story I can’t speak for my sister, but in my lifetime, I’ve lost a lot of weight. I mean, A LOT. OK, probably not the most ever, but maybe over 120 pounds. So how, you might ask, am I currently at […]